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We believe in transparency, honesty, good data etiquette, and privacy.

Who We Are

Our website address is This site is owned and operated by NFDS Arge a company based on Türkiye.

Our Contact Information

You can reach us using our contact page or for your questions regarding your data and their usage.

What Data We Collect, and Why We Collect it

We try to gather as little personal information as we can. To improve our site, our offers, and more so that you have a better experience, we rely on general aggregate data.

Advertising Privacy Statement

This website works with companies like Google AdSense to show ads on the site. These ads help support the website expenses. Google AdSense uses tools to put ads on the site, and these tools come from Google and its affiliates.

You might see ads that are related to things you like. This is because Google and other companies watch what you do on this website and other websites you visit. They use little bits of data called cookies to do this.

When you use this website, you agree to let these companies use cookies and see the data they collect. If you want, you can change the types of ads you see by going to a special website from Google. This website is:

If you don't want Google to collect certain data, you can go to a page on Google's website. This page is: You can also use a website called Network Advertising Initiative to stop other companies from collecting data. The website is:

Just remember, if you delete your cookies, your choices to not see certain ads might go away too.


We use special tools (like Google Analytics) to gather information about people who visit our website. This info helps us know things like what devices you use, how you use our site, and what kind of computer you have. We also know things like your general location and how our website communicates with your computer. We don't collect any personal info though.

This info helps us make our website better. If you want, you can choose not to let Google Analytics collect your personal info. To do this, you can get something called a Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add-on. You can find it here: link to the add-on.


Cookies are like little files that your web browser uses to remember stuff. They're sent by our website to your browser. Cookies can be long-lasting or go away when you close your browser. They don't usually have info that can figure out who you are. But sometimes, they might be connected to info we have about you.

Embedded content from other websites

Some articles on this website might have things like videos, pictures, or articles from other websites inside them. It's like having a little piece of another website right here.

When you see this kind of stuff, it's sort of like you're visiting that other website too. They might use cookies and other tools to learn about you and what you do. They could even keep an eye on how you interact with the things they put in the article.

If you have an account and you're logged in on that other website, they can even keep track of what you do there. Just remember, it's like visiting another website, even though you're still on the original one.

On our website, we might put links to other websites or talk about them. Sometimes, these links are special and if you click on them and buy something, we might get a little reward. We usually tell you when a link will take you somewhere else, but we can't control those other websites.

We don't know what those other websites will do with your info. Every website should have rules about how they use your info and how they work. We suggest you read and understand those rules before you use any of those other websites. It's like making sure you know the rules of a game before you play it.

We have a special way of making money on our website called affiliate marketing. This means we use special links and cookies to keep track of what you do online and what you buy. If you buy something through these special links, we might get some money as a reward.

For example, we're part of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This program helps us earn money by putting links to Amazon on our website. When you click on these links and buy something from Amazon, we might get paid a small fee. This happens because Amazon knows you came from our website. Here is our Amazon affiliate statement. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. As a part of that program, we post customized, Amazon-provided links to track referrals to their website. This program makes use of cookies to track visits and assign commissions.

Contact form

If you use a form on our website to send us a message, we will only get the info you type into the form. So, if you put in your name, email, or anything else, that's what we'll see. This info is sent to us by email.

We keep this info only as long as we need it to help you with your message. If you give us your email, we'll use it only to reply to you about what you asked.

Don't worry, we never give your info to other people or companies. It's only for us to help you better. Your privacy is important!


We want you to know that we never give away or sell your information to anyone.

If you decide to join our email newsletter, we use a special email service called MailChimp. They keep your email address and name just the way you gave it to us. MailChimp has its own rules about privacy, and you can read about them on their privacy policy page.

If you ever want to stop getting emails or newsletters from us, you can do that easily. Just click the "unsubscribe" link in any email we send you. You can also change how often you get emails by clicking the right link in the emails.

Your choices and privacy are important to us!

Who Has Access to Your Data

The people who are in charge of our website, like the administrators, can see the information you give us. This includes things like your name and email.

But one thing they can't do is change how you get our emails or newsletters. That's something you have control over. Your info is seen by our team, but your choices are still important to us!

Where We Send Data

We want you to know that we never sell or give away your personal information to anyone.

If you decide to join our email newsletter, we use a special email service called MailChimp. They keep your email address and name just the way you gave it to us. Your privacy is important to us, and we make sure your information is in safe hands with MailChimp.

How We Protect Data

We use secure, third-party software for our newsletters. The data is stored with them.

European Economic Area Residents (GDPR)

If you live in a country in Europe called the European Economic Area (EEA), you have special rights to protect your data under laws called the GDPR and other privacy laws. These rights include accessing your data, asking us to delete it, and limiting how we use it.

If you want to see or delete any data we have about you that's connected to the ads on our website, you can get in touch with us. You can also manage your ad preferences with Google by visiting this website:

If you want to know which companies we work with for advertising, you can check our ads.txt file.

Your data and your choices are important to us!

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

If you live in California, there's a law called CCPA that gives you special rights with your data. You can ask to see it, have it deleted, and stop it from being shared with other companies. Just so you know, we don't share or sell your personal information to anyone.

If you want to look at or delete your data that we have on our website, you can get in touch with us. You can also control how Google uses your data for ads by going here:

If you're curious about the companies we work with for advertising, you can look at our ads.txt file.

Remember, your data is important and we want you to have control over it!


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